Michael Mann Notary stands with the Black Community against injustice & inequality, always has and always will.

Temporarily Closed For Business

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have made the decision to suspend all in person services, which for the Notary business means everything. Once we are on the other side of this outbreak, I plan to resume services and provide at least 1 month of free Notary public services to the Rosamond, CA community.

While this is a business, I operate as a service to the community I live in, providing less than the allowed $15 per signature. I run specials for $5 signatures, offer volume discounts, and have even provide services for free. This service is intended to be one to help the community and since I have a full time job, it’s purpose has never been one solely to turn a profit.

Thank you Rosamond for allowing me to serve the community these past 7 years and once this is over to serve many, many more years.

Michael Mann, Notary Public

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