Michael Mann Notary stands with the Black Community against injustice & inequality, always has and always will.

Mobile Notary Services: Discontinued

Effective today, May 01, 2016, I am discontinuing mobile notary services. There really has not been a huge demand for mobile notary services and I am without a vehicle, so I am stuck to traveling on foot. While I don’t mind walking, I feel it is best to discontinue mobile services.

You can still make an appointment to come to me. I am in the Rosamond Mobile Home Park off Park Avenue and Rosamond Blvd. Rosamond Mobile Home Park is the mobile home park down Park Avenue, just behind the Desert Breeze Mobile Home Park. Feel free to call if you have a hard time locating me and I will provide you with directions.

I apologize for the inconvenience of discontinuing mobile notary services.