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2017 Notary Fee Increase in California

The maximum fees for notary services in California went up January 01, 2017, but as a service to those who come to me in the Rosamond CA area for notary services, I have locked my services at the 2016 prices. Below are the 2017 maximum fees allow under State law, according to the 2017 newsletter released by the CA Secretary of State. This newsletter is published annually, along with the more complete notary handbook.

Instead of raising my fees to $15 for each of the first three items, as well as the certifying of a copy of a power of attorney, those fees will remain at $10 per signature per document. This price freeze will remain in effect for the remainder of my Notary commission, which ends on April 10, 2019. I will consider a price increase in 2019, should I extend my notary commission for another 4 years.

2017 CA Notary Fees
These are the maximum fees allowable by State law for 2017.