Michael Mann Notary stands with the Black Community against injustice & inequality, always has and always will.

Temporarily Closed For Business

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have made the decision to suspend all in person services, which for the Notary business means everything. Once we are on the other side of this outbreak, I plan to resume services and provide at least 1 month of free Notary public services to the Rosamond, CA community.

While this is a business, I operate as a service to the community I live in, providing less than the allowed $15 per signature. I run specials for $5 signatures, offer volume discounts, and have even provide services for free. This service is intended to be one to help the community and since I have a full time job, it’s purpose has never been one solely to turn a profit.

Thank you Rosamond for allowing me to serve the community these past 7 years and once this is over to serve many, many more years.

Michael Mann, Notary Public

2017 Notary Fee Increase in California

The maximum fees for notary services in California went up January 01, 2017, but as a service to those who come to me in the Rosamond CA area for notary services, I have locked my services at the 2016 prices. Below are the 2017 maximum fees allow under State law, according to the 2017 newsletter released by the CA Secretary of State. This newsletter is published annually, along with the more complete notary handbook.

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Mann Mobile Services to Close End of July 2016

Update: I have terminated my plans to close July 2016.

Plans to close by the end of July are underway. It’s been a great pleasure to service Rosamond since 2013, but my vision appears to be failing to the point I am making mistakes on documents needing to be filed. As such, I feel it is in my best interest (and yours) that I close up shop. I’m winding down business and will be seeing clients only at my place of business through July, when I will surrender my notary books to Kern County and step down as a notary.

Mobile Notary Services: Discontinued

Effective today, May 01, 2016, I am discontinuing mobile notary services. There really has not been a huge demand for mobile notary services and I am without a vehicle, so I am stuck to traveling on foot. While I don’t mind walking, I feel it is best to discontinue mobile services.

You can still make an appointment to come to me. I am in the Rosamond Mobile Home Park off Park Avenue and Rosamond Blvd. Rosamond Mobile Home Park is the mobile home park down Park Avenue, just behind the Desert Breeze Mobile Home Park. Feel free to call if you have a hard time locating me and I will provide you with directions.

I apologize for the inconvenience of discontinuing mobile notary services.