Rosamond Notary

Appointments & Masks are required for all services.
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Tired of dealing with Notary services claiming to be in Rosamond, CA from around the area? I actually reside and work right here in Rosamond. Michael Mann Notary Services offers a real Rosamond notary service to residents of Rosamond CA. We DO NOT provide mobile notary service.

Rosamond Notary Fees

How do I charge. I charge $15 per signature, which is the CA maximum price per signature as of January 01, 2017. Keep in mind, this is the total number of signatures per document. For instance, if you have two documents with two signers on each documents, this counts as four (4) signatures.

Note: I am NOT a lawyer and cannot dispense legal advice for you or your documents. If you need assistance with your documents, contact the place you got the documents from or a lawyer.

California law required personally appear before a notary with proper identification. This applies to all parties signing the document. If you do not have proper identification, you can have two witnesses state they know you and provide their proper identification. There is no additional fee for the witnesses. Notary services performed any way other than face to face is illegal in California. This includes notary via phone, Internet, email, Skype, or through the mail. A notary who performs such act and fills out a notary acknowledgment, which states you appeared and you did not, has committed perjury.